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Sarah Buxton
(Morgan DeWitt)
Sarah Buxton stars as Morgan DeWitt, a cutting-edge fashion designer who shares an intimate past with Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Sarah was born and raised in California where she began to study gymnastics and wound up competing on a national level at a very young age. "I remember being six years old, training every morning with the other girls. At six in the morning we would run a mile - in bunny suits. Then lift weights and learn routines. All I wanted to do was go to the Olympics."

Sarah applied the same focus and discipline required by gymnastics to her acting, which she has been studying for over 10 years. Originally discovered in a supermarket while in the midst of an intense fight with her mom, Sarah was asked if she ever thought of being an actress and given the number to call. "I was a pretty dramatic kid. I begged my mom to call for weeks and finally she did…after hours of pushing and pleading."

It didn't take long before Sarah had her first manager and nine national commercials running at the same time for Coca-Cola, Fritos, Hawaiian Punch and Seven-Up, among others. On her 16th birthday, Sarah landed her first "real" acting job, the lead in a TV pilot. From there she began guest starring on TV shows such as Baywatch, Walker: Texas Ranger, Diagnosis Murder, Who's The Boss? and 21 Jump Street.

Buxton has also appeared in various feature films, such as Less Then Zero, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, The Sure Thing, Fast Getaway II and The Climb. She has also produced and acted in various plays, including The Conquest of the South Pole, The Lost Christmas Festival and Overruled.

Sarah was chosen by Aaron Spelling to portray the sexy and conniving Annie Douglas on Sunset Beach. After the show's cancellation in December 1999, Sarah was the first actor from the show to be snapped up by another television series.

When not on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful, Sarah enjoys yoga, surfing, scuba diving, making pottery and travelling.

Sarah celebrates her birthday on March 23. She is 5'7" with auburn hair and blue eyes.