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Billy Warlock
(A.J. Quartermaine)
Billy Warlock took over the role of A.J. Quartermaine in June, 1997. Growing up in Southern California, Warlock wanted to follow in his father's footsteps -- as a stuntman.

When he was hired to double for Robin Williams in an episode of Mork & Mindy, Billy had the opportunity of working with director Garry Marshall. Six months after he taped that episode, Warlock auditioned for Marshall and landed the role of Flip Phillips in the hit series, Happy Days, marking his first step in a very successful career.

Warlock's first taste of daytime came in 1984 when he starred for one year as Ricky Driscoll on Capitol. In the spring of 1986, Warlock auditioned for Days of Our Lives, where he spent three years portraying the memorable Frankie Brady, which garnered him an Emmy for Best Actor/Younger Leading Man in 1988. Warlock left Days of Our Lives for a year to star as Eddie Kramer in the popular syndicated television series, Baywatch.

Warlock also starred in the series, The Hat Squad, and in numerous television movies, most recently portraying Lyle Menendez in Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders. While Warlock has an impressive television background, he has also brought his talent to the big screen, in Hotshot and the controversial cult film, Society, both by Arista Pictures. Most recently, he starred in the cable movie, Steel Sharks, with Gary Busey and Billy Dee Williams; and in the independent film, Opposite Corners, with Tony Dennison and Cathy Moriarty. Warlock also starred in the title role of the first CD-ROM interactive movie ever released, Mr. Payback, directed by Robert Zemeckis' partner, Bob Gale.

Of all Billy Warlock's achievements, perhaps the most impressive is his great outlook on life. Warlock says, "Life is all attitude," and his is a great one. "I have come to appreciate every experience that comes my way, and I think I'm in a pretty great place right now."

When Billy is not working, he enjoys escaping to the ski slopes and the golf course. Billy lives in Los Angeles.